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Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS)

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students  slides presentations slide transitions create

Students must typically create a slide pre sentation to exhibit their work.

Many programs with many functionalities have been created for this purpose.

Students may utilize these free presentation apps.

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS) slides presentations slide transitions create graphs

You may learn about even more helpful apps in this category by reading our post on the top mobile applications for creating picture slideshows with music.

For iOS


This program is really powerful, and it can be used to do slide shows and presentations. It is compatible with desktop computers as well as mobile devices, and it does not place any constraints on the latter. Not only are students the most frequent users of the presentation program Keynote, but other users of Apple products also find it to be the most popular and useful option.

The availability of a large variety of tools for the creation of graphical diagrams, such as graphs, charts, bar graphs, and many more, is one of the primary benefits of using Keynote. You have the option of either using graph templates and renaming each branch according to your requirements or creating your own graphs by combining lines, charts, columns, and a variety of other elements.

In order to accommodate these needs, the presen tation software Keynote has a separate graph and chart creator.

Experimentation is possible with the color palette, the selection of individual lines, the color and size of text on graphs, and a great deal more besides.

In addition, Keynote offers a plethora of transitions to choose from between slides, in addition to a variety of animation methods.

You have the option of selecting a different transition for the appearance of each individual slide, and you have the option of selecting a different animation insert for the appearance of an inscription or a graph that is shown on the slide.

This application also includes a transition constructor and animation inserts, which enables users to design their own personalized transitions using the app’s features.

Using Keynote, you and other members of your team will be able to collaborate in real time on a presentation while using separate mobile devices and being physically located in various locations.

It will suffice for you to provide the appropriate individuals a link that provides access to the presentation, and after that, each member of your team will be able to conduct their portion of the presentation on par with you. This may be accomplished by sending the link.

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS) slides presentations slide transitions create graphs


This program is popular among students, adults, and schools since it streamlines presentation development.

Buncee users may create slide shows with animations and utilize them for many purposes.

Buncee offers a wide range of presentation template configurations that may be utilized for a number of reasons, like pre senting a new product on a forum, teaching biology in school, and more.

The templates come with pre-made slides that already have graphs, transitions, and animations inserted into them.

You can add the text that you require to these slides, and you can also supplement the template with stickers, other animated transitions, different text selections, and a variety of other options.

Students utilize this program because it offers a huge variety of features that can be used to create not only presentations with individual slides, but also for generating full-fledged films, as well as slide shows, with the same aim – to showcase finished assignments, a new product, or anything else.

You and the other members of your team are able to collaborate on the presentation project here using a variety of mobile devices, even when you are in different locations. To do this, you will first need to provide the other members of your team with a link to the presentation that you have made so that they can see it, and then you will need to begin collaborating with them.

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS) slides presentations slide transitions create graphs

Slideshow Creator

Using Slideshow Creator, you may pick any number of photographs, graphs, or documents stored on your mobile device to include into a full-fledged pre sentation. This presentation can include a variety of animation effects and transitions to further enhance the viewing experience. You also have the ability to construct particular shapes or graphs here on your own, which can then be placed to pre sentations in order to make them more understandable.

This application also allows you to utilize pre-made transitions and animation effects, as well as pre-made templates for full-fledged pre sentations, so that you may avoid spending a significant amount of time on the independent construction of the complete presentation project.

This app’s widespread appeal may be attributed to the fact that its features are fully functional on both personal computers and mobile devices. In addition to this, there is a “smart assistant” system that will talk you through the many functions and show you how to make the most of them.

You may make full-fledged films using Slideshow Creator by utilizing the seamless transition tool with all of the slides in your presentation. Additionally, this section allows you to choose the quality of your video presentation or slideshow, which you can then save to the files and gallery on your mobile device as well as share with users of other applications.

You may make creative films with instructional podcasts or graphics by using the Slideshow Creator app, which is a very flexible program that allows you to produce functioning presentations, scientific slideshows, as well as artistic videos.

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS) slides presentations slide transitions create graphs

Haiku Deck

This program, in particular, is revolutionary for its use in educational settings. It is possible to create distinct, idealistic presentations using any one of a large variety of tools, as well as quickly put up slide shows that highlight the most fundamental and critical information.

It is recommended by Haiku Deck that you use a certain collection of pre-made template pre sentations. On the slides of these presentations, all you will need to do to complete the presentation is add the necessary content.

At the same time, you have the ability to develop your very own pre sentation from beginning, complete with the layout, transitions, animation effects, visuals, and a great deal more that you want. You will be able to design your own pre sentation template and store it so that you may use it in the future to design other pre sentations.

You will also be able to make your own graphs with the appropriate quantity and size of a column, draw your own lines of development or degeneration of anything on linear graphs, and calculate percentages. All of these skills will be available to you after completing this lesson. You will also have the ability to highlight certain sentences, alter color palettes, and do a great deal of other customization.

You may supplement the slides you use for your presentation using Haiku Deck’s sophisticated picture search, which is pretty strong. This is just one of the many features of Haiku Deck. Both the files on your computer or mobile device, as well as the photos in an internet browser, may be searched in order to find what you’re looking for.

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS) slides presentations slide transitions create graphs

For Android

Google Slides

This app is top-notch because Google professionals made it. This website has various tools, pre sentation templates, transitions, the pre sentation configurator, slide design, and graphs to construct and edit presentations.

Google Slides lets you and your colleagues work on a presentation together. This requires adding their email nicknames to the “allow access” page. After that, each person will get an email with a link to alter your presentation.

You may concurrently create and edit slides. employing all current devices at various locales.

You may use a template’s color fills to create a background for warehouses, patterns, or decorations. Create any slide backdrop image.

Google Slides offers several transitions and animation effects.

You may put them between slides and on slides to show the text first and the image subsequently.

You can also put them between slides and on the slides themselves. Additionally, you will have the capacity to create your own animation effects as well as transitions.

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS) slides presentations slide transitions create graphs

Zoho Show: Maker

This pre sentation package lets you upload unfinished projects and edit them with several features.

This program is popular with students since it contains a smart assistant and icons for each function. The smart assistant feature will help users understand how to utilize each function.

There are also many templates for creating presentations and slides. Instead of spending hours creating a slide with a graph and text, use a template.

More transitions and animation effects may boost your presentations and slide displays. The app provides such tools.

Transitions, animations, and slide phrases or graphics may have sound effects. Your pre sentation becomes more professional. You and other users may work on your pre sentation here.

Simply send the relevant group members a link to the presentation using any messenger. You may then collaborate on the presentation from your devices.

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS) slides presentations slide transitions create graphs

Presentation Creator

You’ll learn how to create pre sentations that match experts’ slide design, transitions, animation, and style.

This program’s main selling point is its several collections, each with a unique set of photos and icons. If you require a slide photo, you may browse one of the collections or utilize Pre sentation Creator’s advanced image search. Search your computer for photos.

Pre sentation Creator has another intriguing feature. The software saves the model of each new presentation.

This allows you to create faultless pre sentation templates and reuse them for different projects. Presentation Creator also includes pre sentation model templates to make project management easier.

Slides, text, and photos may be edited. Animation and transition designer is featured. Slides may be edited and shown.

Naturally, Pre sentation Creator has its own animations and transitions for usage in presentations.

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS) slides presentations slide transitions create graphs

Presentation: Slide Shows

This program has several tools for creating graphic works, presentations, and web design elements. slideshows and more. Desktop and mobile devices may use any function. The app’s user interface is easy to learn.

After these steps, you may use numerous mobile devices to work on pre sentation components whenever.

Pre sentations software tools let you create innovative pre sentation designs. These designs may incorporate several schemes, forms, graphs, and diagrams. You may create and change schemes using color effects, graphic design, and more.

There are also vast libraries of slides and pre sentation templates. Use a complete pre sentation template to insert text and customize components.

Store manually generated presentation templates and slides.

Thus, you may fully configure the program and utilize the templates that suit you for a range of objectives, such as talking with colleagues, introducing a new product, completing a university project, and so on.

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS) slides presentations slide transitions create graphs

For Microsoft


This is the most popular pre sentation service since users can discover many features and tools to build innovative, unique, and one-of-a-kind presentations for various reasons. These include pre senting scientific research, speaking at a work conference, and more.

These templates also offer ready-made graphs, diagrams, and diagrams. Simply input the names and percentages, and the Prezi system will independently compute the ratios and present you with a ready-made diagram, graph, or diagram.

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS) slides presentations slide transitions create graphs


instructors and students may create class presentations, regular presentations with completed assignments, or scientific research pre sentation projects.

Here are several tools for designing slides and the pre sentation as a whole.

Canvas provides a pre sentation constructor method for this (you can make a slide yourself, an animation effect, any graph, as well as everything else).

If you don’t want to spend much time designing your presentation, there are several collections of diagrams, diagrams, graphs, and slides.

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS) slides presentations slide transitions create graphs


The most template design options for slides and whole pre sentations make this pre sentation tool popular. Users may pick from several pre-made layouts.

Sending a link to your pre sentation lets others work on it with you.

Users may also search the Internet and the service’s library for intricate images.

11 Free Presentation Apps for Students (Android & iOS) slides presentations slide transitions create graphs
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