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best Free Selfie editor Apps for Android & iOS


10 Free Selfie editor Apps for Android & iOS

Selfies have become cult-like in today’s culture. We all snap selfies, spend a lot of time editing them, and upload them on Instagram.

Fortunately, there are several free selfie filter applications available for Android and iOS that help reduce the work required to take beautiful pictures. These applications come with a variety of effects that will make your photos seem to have been retouched by professional photographers.

10 Free Selfie Filter Apps for Android & iOS editor

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The top 10 applications in the category are listed below for your consideration. Look at that!

Retrica – The Original Filter Camera


Let’s start with the Retrica app. This program offers a variety of stunning color-correcting effects for photos.

This app has been around for a while; it peaked in popularity during the Tumblr era and is still going strong. Since then, a lot has changed, to be honest. For example, the app no longer has a hugely annoying watermark that lets you hide the location where you edited your photos. Additionally, the app now allows you to attach files to GIFS and video files.

The variety of presets in various forms that you can try for free is the main factor in the app’s popularity. Additionally, you can individually change the opacity of each preset to achieve the desired effect. Additionally, you can mix and match the presets to create truly exceptional images.

The app functions similarly to a network in that you can subscribe to users just like you would on Instagram and it has a lovely community of selfie enthusiasts. Since there aren’t many users who use the app regularly, there isn’t any online bullying there. You can include a capture, tags, and even a brief description if you decide to post something.

Retrica 1 Retrica 2


VSCO: Photo & Video Editor


Another program that is all about filters and shade adjustments is VSCO.

This app’s primary objective is to enable you to take photos that seem professional while exerting little effort. The app features a vast selection of stunning presets and effects that make it seem as if you spent hours creating a preset in Photoshop, even when all you really did was touch on a filter and make a few minor adjustments.

It must be stated that this program may seem to have too many filters for the typical user, but don’t give up just yet! You may need a few minutes to test out all the flames and choose your favorites, but once you have, you may get a result in a matter of seconds. Additionally, all of the presets are divided into collections, each of which has filters that share a characteristic.

Additionally, the program offers comprehensive choices for accurate shadow reconstruction. So, among other things, you may adjust the shading, the picture’s mood, the training, and the vignette. Additionally, you may indicate those effects you use the most often so that they will be shown first. By doing this, you may take the settings from one photo and paste them into another.



Cymera Camera – Collage, Selfie Camera, Pic Editor


With the help of the app Cymera Camera, you can quickly edit your photos like an expert.

Although the software gives you access to a professional editing suite, it is still relatively simple to use. As can be imagined, there are many tools available for precise shade correction, and after using them all, you may not even need presets (assuming you’re striving for a natural appearance, of course).

You won’t suffer with the shortage of alternatives for filers either. The software comes with a variety of filters that may drastically change the mood of your selfies. For instance, there are classic, vintage, colorful, soft, and more contrast filing systems (and this is just the beginning of the list). Wherein, all the filters are grouped by kind to make it simple to discover a specific one.

The software also has a collage-making feature with a variety of layouts and styles. You may also add and modify a variety of sparkles, gales, and bokeh. Additionally, there is a built-in camera with seven different lens kinds that produces stunning photos. Additionally, you may apply stickers or creative effects with only one click and blur the background.

Cymera 1 Cymera 2




SelfieCity is an app that provides you with all the tools necessary for fashionable image editing.

To start, the app includes all of the Polaroid, fish-eye, and vintage film filters that have lately been popular on Instagram. As a result, there is something for everyone in all of these filters, which come in various sorts. There are several alternatives available for the filers, ranging from the most common to some quite unique ones.

It should be noted that each filter is well organized, making it easy for you to locate a certain one. Regarding the classification, it is one of the features that distinguishes this software. The filter collections in this app are all named after cities (there are collections for Paris, Tokyo, New York, and more).

Additionally, each collection represents the vibe of a certain place according to the app’s design. The setup is excellent regardless of whether you think the files genuinely correspond to the cities they are named for. Additionally, each preset may be processed after application, including intensity, in-depth correction, tones, vignette, blurring, and other options.

SelfieCity 1 SelfieCity 1


A Color Story

A Color Story

A Color Story is an app that gives you the freedom to experiment with the hues in your photographs, as you may infer from the name.

This business stands out since it offers more than 300 filters that were created by professional photographers. Therefore, you essentially have a full-on preset that just requires little adjustment to properly fit your photograph. The majority of the filers are devoted to boosting certain hues on your photos since, as was previously said, the program primarily concentrates on colors.

By doing this, you may increase the naturalness of each filter and maximize their concentration, if that’s the appearance you’re looking for. Additionally, the app features all the essential contrast and shine options that you’ll need to apply the filter to all of your photos. To get the same effect, you may alternatively copy the settings from one of the photos you’ve previously edited and paste them into the others.

Additionally, the app features a variety of moveable embellishments and stickers that may add beauty to your selfies. To enjoy the live picture effects, you may even save your photos as GIFs. The program offers a grid tool that gives you the ability to see how your images will appear next to one another in case you’re having trouble creating a themed Instagram feed using the same color scheme.

A Color Story 1 A Color Story 2




Any lists of picture editing apps that don’t contain Snapseed exist? Most likely not.

Don’t, however, jump to conclusions and label this software as overhyped. Its appeal mostly stems from the fact that you receive all the processing tools in one location and can easily live without anything else in your collection. Because it comes with capabilities for fine processing that let you take care of even the slightest details, the software can therefore easily compete with professional desktop editors.

It won’t take you long to find out how to use the app because of how simple it is to navigate. There are several options you may test with the filters. Additionally, it is simple to identify a certain filter since they are all divided into packs that are related by a specific feature. There are ways to position each filter such that it exactly complements the image.

Additionally, the software allows you to create custom filters from scratch. Thus, you may establish the intercity, add some color enhancements, stack a number of filters on top of one another, and thus have a complete preset. After that, you may store the filter and apply it to all of your future photographs.

Snapseed 1 Snapseed 2


Foodie – Camera for life


Your photos will be elevated to a whole new level by the app Foodie.

Don’t immediately judge the app by its name; it’s not only for photos of food. The name of this app reflects the primary purpose for which it was created; it was released at a time when food photos were at the height of their popularity on Instagram. This application is a potent photo editor that includes both fine-tuned editing tools and filters.

It will be simple to discover a certain item thanks to the filters being organized into collections. The concentration on a particular hue, the contrast, or the overall design may be what unites all the filters in a collection. After applying the filter, you may tweak it to best fit your photograph.

Additionally, the app has filters that are better suited for photographing food, landscapes, or portraits, so even if this is your first time editing, the results will be pleasing. Naturally, it doesn’t mean “food” filters won’t look amazing on your selfie, so feel free to experiment with them all. After processing is complete, you may share the picture immediately to your SM.

Foodie 1 Foodie 2


Coffee Cam-Vintage filter, Light leak,1998, Glitch

Coffee Cam

You have a variety of picture editing choices with the Coffee Cam app.

The software features more than 70 professional-quality effects that can transform any image into something stunning. Additionally, you may combine any of more than 1000 color-correcting effects to get a variety of results. Many filters replicate the photography techniques available with certain vintage cameras, and they are all divided into categories based on themes.

In addition, there are many ways to decorate your selfies, such using film scratches, bokeh, dust, and other items. Additionally, there are some light leaks, bugs, vintage and Polaroid masks, and other such things. To obtain the same look on all of your photos, you may even create your own filters from scratch and apply them.

It should also be noted that the program often adds new filters and effects to keep up with the most recent developments in photo editing, ensuring that your pictures will remain fashionable as well. Additionally, there are several tools available for fine-tuning, such as brightness, contrast, and others.

Coffee Cam 1 Coffee Cam 2


SODA – Natural Beauty Camera


An app called SODA attempts to make your selfies great.

With all the features you could possibly need to take the ideal self-portrait, this app is the ultimate selfie camera. The sophisticated beauty features in the app allow you to practically rearrange your face; for example, you may make your checks smaller and your lips larger. So you won’t get odd-looking outcomes, the app performs a wonderful job of recognizing the places on your face.

The software also allows you to apply makeup virtually; it contains ready-made full-on looks and specific items you may use. Wherein, the program adds makeup precisely where you would apply it in real life and like a professional artist.

Naturally, the app also has a selection of settings designed to accentuate your inherent attractiveness. All of the filters are designed exclusively for selfies, so you’ll never get weird, unattractive skin tone or anything else. In addition, some filters seem so natural that you wouldn’t know the image was altered or not. Additionally, you may decide on all of the filters and arrange your images’ focus and perspective.





An software called Polarr will enable you to create beautiful pictures with little effort.

The software features a selection of stylish vintage settings that can give even the most basic images a fantastic mood. After being applied, all filters may be changed for the finest possible results on your photos. Additionally, there are several accurate adjustment tools for enhancing the brightness, temperature, and other factors.

The nicest feature of this program is that it gives you the ability to design your own own filters from start. It allows you to mix the filters it currently has, add settings and effects, and create a custom preset that no one else has. The preset may then be saved for use with all future photographs.

By emailing your friends a QR code, you may even let them share the setting. The software also includes a ton of overlays, like scuffs, grain, dust, flashes, and other things. Additionally, you are able to load your own unique PNG overlays. Additionally, if necessary, you may utilize the program to reshape your face.

Polarr 1 Polarr 2


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